RF Theory and Troubleshooting: Course and Post-Assessment

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The HFC Outside Plant (OSP) Maintenance Technician Basics Series addresses the needs of the Broadband Cable System Technician who is tasked with the preemptive troubleshooting requirements or maintenance of the broadband HFC network. The programs are visually rich with detailed explanations of each subject. Along the way, students will be presented with engaging presentations designed to draw the learner into the programs. To make sure that there is maximum retention of the material, interactive quizzes are presented and the student must correctly answer the quizzes before being allowed to proceed to the next learning objective. A final test confirms that the student has a solid comprehension of the course material.

This third part of the series, RF Theory, discusses the properties of coaxial cable and RF signal attenuation at different frequencies before moving onto how RF signals are distributed, HFC network topologies, unity gain and its relationship to the placement of amplifiers. Digital modulation of RF signals is described in the context of using constellation diagrams to identify and then troubleshoot signal impairments.


Upon completion, the learner will:

* describe how RF signals are transported to and from customers over the outside plant and explain the impact of the funnel effect in the return path

* identify network topologies, and the location and roles of nodes and amplifiers in maintaining unity gain

* describe how the skin effect and the properties of hardline cable produce tilt and impact signal quality

* describe multiple modulation techniques for encoding data and read constellation diagrams to identify signal impairments


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate HFC OSP Maintenance Technician Training: Basics Series

HFC Technician: RF Theory and Troubleshooting
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RF Theory and Troubleshooting: Post-Assessment
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not for beginners... didn't explain what half of the stuff was and expected us to know something going in.
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