Electrical Safety: Outside Plant

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Accident report studies, conducted by risk management organizations, indicate that the majority of reportable accidents are the result of veteran employees failing to pay attention or trying to shortcut the fundamental safety practices they learned when they first started their job. With this in mind, the Safety Series is designed to remind employees of the potential risks that may exist during the performance of their jobs. Rather than introducing safety training, the Safety Series provides a reminder of good safety practices, or “refresher” training, aimed at fulfilling OSHA requirements of regular safety meetings for field staff. Beyond the personal benefits of employee participation in safety training, employers can experience a significant reduction in lost work time and worker’s compensation claims due to injuries. In addition, less time is lost completing and filing accident reports, with an added benefit of reduced insurance premiums, leading to significant financial savings.


The Electrical Safety – Outside Plant course reminds employees of the electrical hazards that they could be exposed to while working in the network. In broadband cable networks, the fiber and coaxial cable is typically only inches away from the power company’s electrical lines. Safety codes and construction practices have been developed and adopted to ensure safe coexistence on the poles, in the trenches and at the customer premises. Because the network is exposed to weather, time, vandals and other elements, these protective codes and practices can be compromised, exposing an inattentive employee to life-threatening hazards. 


Completion Time:

This is a one-lesson course that has an intended completion time of 2 to 3 hours or less. Students are encouraged to take the course as soon as they complete their enrollment. The maximum allotment to complete the course is up to 30 days after enrollment.


opXL Learning Systems is the Official Learning Partner of SCTE, and this course is also available through SCTE.


Upon completion, the student will be reminded to:

  • identify electrical hazards when working in the outside plant
  • recognize the importance of electrical safety
  • differentiate types of lightning strikes
  • recognize the importance of why the human body is an imperfect conductor
  • conduct safe practices when working in and around live wires
  • distinguish ac from dc current hazards
  • recognize risks of improper grounding and bonding
  • adhere to safety practices when working with underground plant
  • adhere to safety practices when working with electrical equipment and components


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Safety Series

Electrical Safety: Outside Plant
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